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Aluminium extrusion is a technique to transform aluminium alloy into an extraordinary variety of products for consumer and industrial markets. Making the most of aluminium’s excellent malleability, the extrusion process creates shapes by heating bi

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Die Design & Manufacturing

A die is a tool shape that the aluminium is pushed through to create the profile. Dies are made of tool steel. The die aperture which corresponds to the desired cross section of the profile is produced by spark erosion. JM Aluminium specialises in pr

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A variety of methods are used in aluminium extrusion fabrication to achieve accuracy in the finished components. Aluminium not only offers many advantages due to its material properties but is also extensively adaptable to fabrication and machining p

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Our knowledge and experience of the finishing industry keeps us at the leading edge of technology and innovation; allowing our customers to access the latest and best fit finishes available. Powder coating has been long recognized for excellent finis

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Our experienced professionals advise on the correct services as per the requirements and preferences of our customers. We ensure best quality is utilised right from the design stage to drawings, choice of materials and the final completion of the ser

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“Providing customers with the best of aluminium solutions at reasonable prices with best quality and on time delivery.”

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Building Construction

Modern building and construction is more than erecting buildings as functionally as possible. In addition to functional and economic criteria, aesthetic and design considerations together with ecologi

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Consumer Products

Aluminium consumption is accounted for a wide variety of consumer products including furniture and household fittings as well as sundry manufactured goods such as transportation containers, gas cylind

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Electrical and electronics

Aluminium is an obvious choice for many electrical applications. It is versatile with attractive properties; non-toxic, non-combustible, non-magnetic, non-sparking… And it will not rust. Unique elec

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Industrial Machinery

Aluminum is used extensively in almost countless application because of its high strength combined with low density. Also it is corrosion resistant to the atmosphere as a thin film of aluminium oxide

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