Aluminium Extrusion is a technique to transform aluminium alloy into an extraordinary variety of products for consumer and industrial markets.

✔ The process creates shapes by heating billets to soften the aluminium alloy.

JM Aluminium is the leader in common alloy standard and custom extruded aluminium products.

✔ At JM Aluminium we produce the most comprehensive line of products in the extrusion industry.

Aluminium Die Extrusion

A die is the tool shape that the aluminium is pushed through to create the profile. The die aperture, which corresponds to the desired cross section of the profile, is produced by spark erosion.

✔ At JM Aluminium dies are manufactured from high quality hot working tool s steels and special alloy steels with hot temperature strength and toughness for critical/high tongue ratio profiles

JM Aluminium is specialist in producing superior designs.

✔ Manufacturers for complex multi-window and solid profiles.


Our wide range of precise fabrication capabilities including precise cutting, milling, drilling, punching and bending. Our automated milling machines have resulted into increased output.

✔ Drilling is used to make or enlarge holes in the aluminium extrusions using a drill bit.

✔ Punching creates holes by using a punch press to force a punch into an extrusion placed on top of a die.

✔ A variety of methods are used in aluminium extrusion fabrication to achieve accuracy in the finished components.


JM Aluminium is well placed to select the most suitable and cost effective method of anodizing for our customers as well as the most appropriate processor. It is the electrolytic oxidation process in which the surface layer of metal is transformed to allow it to provide protective, decorative or functional properties.

✔ Powder coating has been long recognized for excellent finish quality in appearance and performance.

JM Aluminium at the leading edge of technology and innovation, allowing our customers to access the latest and best fit finishes available.

✔ We have a very good experience to select the most suitable and cost effective method of anodizing for our.


Our experienced professionals will advise you on the right choice as per the requirements and preferences shown by customers. At every stage from design, drawings, choice of materials, till completion, quality is encouraged in our system.
We are committed to the maximum improvement towards our end user in order to get 100% quality assurence bassed on use feedbacks. Our assurence team is always guide you 24/7 for any kind queries based on the requirement analysis or any technical level difficulties.