Solar PV Plant

JM Aluminium fulfill energy needs by our own solar and wind power generation. We utilize environment friendly power in solar plants.These solar concentrating systems will make significant contribution to efficient and economical, renewable and clean energy supply in the coming future.

✔ The incoming radiation is tracked by large mirror fields which concentrate the energy towards absorbents which in turn receive the concentrated radiation and transfer it thermally to the working medium.

✔ The heated fluid operates in conventional power stations directly or indirectly through a heat exchanging steam generator on the turbine unit to drive the generator.

Wind Mill Power

JM industries are fully running on green power.It was that time when wind energy emerged not as the mainstream, renewable, eco-friendly source of power generation. We have has always been on the edge of finding innovative solutions to solar energy with updated technology, energy efficient systems and long lasting wind energy machines.

✔ Since then we've emerged as India's preferred wind power solution providers.

✔ Our wind farms today straddle across many states in India..